Quick, direct and efficient access to markets

We add value in all markets where our clients transact.

CIMD S.V. counts with experienced professionals in each market area. We provide our clients with a service that, at least, meets all expectations. We are leaders in markets as diverse as Government bonds or Spanish Energy.

Interbank Deposits & FX

Short-term products dealt with a long-term view.


Desk with experience and presence in domestic and international markets.

OTC Derivative markets

Maximum distribution with first-tier global market participants.

Government Bonds

Leaders in Spanish government debt brokerage. We are the leading financial intermediaries in South Europe.

Futures and Options in Organized Markets

Efficiency and experience in financial intermediation in listed European and North American markets

Energy derivatives

Spanish Energy market leaders, we have presence in European markets.

Business Innovation

We have the business experience to add value in a holistic manner to the different group areas and to our clients.