What is the CIMD OTF?

The CIMD OTF (Organized Trading Facility) is our trading venue, authorized by the CNMV (the Spanish financial regulator) and included in the list of authorized venues by ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authorities). This venue allows us to offer our intermediation services to European clients and comply with MiFID II regulations. There are only two venues in Spain that meet these criteria.

Furthermore, in 2020, the CIMD OTF was approved by the American regulators as an American SEF equivalent vehicle. This allows us to service clients across the Atlantic.



The CIMD OTF, from an operative point of view, is structured in three differentiated segments. In each one of them, different instruments can be negotiated exclusively:

  • Fixed Income Segment
  • Commodity Derivatives Segment
  • Other Derivatives Segment


Free information

In compliance with the provisions of Chapter 3 of Title II of Regulation (EU) 600/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 May, CIMD SV, SA, as manager of CIMD OTF, makes public the conditions of access and use of market data generated in CIMD OTF within the first 5 minutes of its publication by the trading center (real-time data).
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Users/participants are informed of a new volatility mechanism that will be applicable as of 01.02.2023.

To see the new text click here.

Users/participants are informed that Circular 5 will be subject to modifications that will be applicable as of 28.12.2022.

These amendments mainly affect the auction system; to see the new text click here.