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Líderes en España desde hace más de 30 años


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01 About us

Who we are

CIMD SV is the Group’s securities firm specialising in brokerage for institutional clients in wholesale financial markets.
· As sector leader in Spain for over 30 years, our company boasts the main European banks and securities companies among its client base.
· CIMD SV brokers all types of financial instruments, as well as energy derivatives, providing clients with access to the best market prices through state-of-the-art, mixed voice and data technologies.

02 Areas

Organisation by areas

- Short-term bonds
- Treasury notes
- Government bonds and obligations
- International government debt
- Strips
- Spanish Financial Asset Electronic Trading Platform (SENAF) member
- Inflation-linked products

- Repos and simultaneous operations in the Eurozone
- Private fixed income Repos in Euros and Dollars
- Repos in Emerging Markets
- Inflation-linked products

- Call Money Swaps (OIS)
- FRAS in Euros and Currencies
- Asset Swaps

- Member of MEFF and EUREX
- Direct access to CBOT, CME, MATIF, SIMEX, LIFFE

- Interbank Euro Deposit
- Interbank Deposit (Currencies)

- Brokering of electricity derivatives and other energy derivatives


CIMD SV developed an Organised Trading Facility (CIMD OTF), which was authorised by the Spanish CNMV and recognised by ESMA along with only another 16 systems in Europe (13 British, 1 French and another Spanish one) to provide services to clients.

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